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A Unique Stock Photo Base for Projects Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Development, shot by Handpicked Photographers in your Desired Areas.

Our talented photographers lend their unique, on-the-ground perspective to the social, economic, and political issues at the heart of your social impact project. 

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Gain access to authentic, high quality images that tell the story of your conscious, sustainable work. Our images are unique and can’t be found elsewhere. 


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We work exclusively with sustainable brands and social impact projects, and hence, tailor the imagery for these actor’s specific needs. 
A selection from our Image Bank:

Curated Photographers and Images

We handpick all photographers and images ourselves. We are constantly on the lookout for authentic, natural and powerful photographs. 

They asked, we delivered

Our client, ‘Inclusive Business Sweden‘, needed a high resolution image showcasing happy people at work or doing business in low-income areas. After a few weeks we contacted the talented Sharmin Ahsan Bithi (a local Bangladeshi photographer) who produced the wonderful images used in the sustainable project. She is now a member of our growing community of photographers from the Global South. 
After a fruitless online search, we quickly realised that we would not find what we were looking for. The images out there of low-income people are mainly that of non-productive, resourceless and unskillful people, which is actually not compatible with reality. Low income people are some of the most resourceful and hard-working people in the world. - Daniella Mendoza

Inclusive Business Sweden

Photographer: Sharmin Ahsan Bithi

Sustainable causes we Promote


gender equality

clean water for all

human rights

peace building

reducing poverty

fashion for good

fair and just job opportunities

eradicating child labour





The Photographers

Most of the photographers in our network are local to the Global South.  Overtime we built a trusting community of photographers from whom we can draw the most relevant images to your sustainable projects. 

Sharmin Ahsan Bithi

‘My primary goal is to transform my hobby to a profession and become an independent woman in the process.’

farhana fara

‘Fair Photo Agency helps me to build my network, which will help me to spread my photography business.’

Shahina Haque

‘I love to experience other people’s life stories and let other know through my photography.’

anindita roy

‘I hope my photography passion will get a different shape with the collaboration with Fair Photo Agency.’


Why should I purchase images from this website?
We recommend that you browse through various image sites to find the imageries that you are looking for. We do believe that we are well equipped when it comes to finding genuine images as supposed to the typical-stock photo shots. This is why we would rather call ourselves an “Image Bank Website” rather than a “Stock Photo Website”.

Also, great images are all about feelings – they should talk to people’s hearts. When portraying people, environments and situations in developing countries, you can’t get a more genuine imagery but to hire a local photographer from that world, which is the type of photographers that we are typically looking for. 

We also follow the imagery trend recommendations, which is at the moment telling us that the staged and ‘too professional’ shots does not communicate as effective to the big crowd anymore, compared to the more down-to-earth imagery similar to what one can find at Instagram. This does not mean that the latter type of images are of a lower quality. This is something that we always consider in our image hunt as we are want your targeted market to see your photos that you purchase from us!

How do I know that I am the right client?
If you are a company or organisation that is doing any type of sustainability work you are more than welcome to join our network of clients. We are particularly addressing NGOs and other social impact driven organisations and projects. We are also happy to promote initiatives within organic production, animal welfare, fair trade, vegan alternatives and/or circular economy. These areas are our definition of a sustainable development.
How is this different than other stock photo websites?
We portray the reality as it is, hence our photos are not staged by the photographer. We also often collect images taken by local photographers from the Global South for most of the social causes that we address – as we believe that this can often help when you want to portray the reality. Local photographers can also get access to places where tourists or journalists can’t go to, or maybe don’t want to go to. 
Can I use the images as I like?
Yes you can. All the images that goes through us are applied with usage free rights, which means that you can use the images for as long as you like, in any media that you like and with the frequency you like.

However, they do not come with an exclusive license, which means that we can sell the same image to other clients. But as our images can’t be found at other big Stock Photo Websites, you don’t have to worry about seeing the same image that you purchase through us in every other channel. 

What type of image quality do you supply with?
The images in our Stock Photo Database comes in various sizes (and hence prices) depending on what you will use them for. Please note that if you buy a small sized image, you need to buy the same image again in a bigger size should you get those needs. 

Our Tailored Made Image Bank and our Custom Made Images , (i.e. not the Stock Photos), comes in a high resolution of 3000-6000 px in size. If you need higher resolutions (for example if you need the image for a rollup etc), you will need to let us know beforehand.

Our images can be used for both web and/or print.

How about the models in the images, do you make sure that they get paid as well?
Of course we value the fairness in the whole production chain including the rights of the portrayed models. It is however, up to the various photographers to arrange their own agreements with the people in their images. For our photographer’s convenience, we supply with a template agreement and always encourage them to use this.

We are an agency in the sense that we buy images from the photographers, and these are either shot beforehand or after our job request. For this reason, we cannot interfere with how the respective photographer is conducting their work.

hand in hand with our clients

Can’t Find the Perfect Photos in Our Image Bank?

Maybe you require a specific topic that we haven’t had the chance to cover yet? Reach out and let us know about your needs so we can get started on our next image hunt! This helps us fulfil a part of our strategy – to continuously build up our Image Bank based on our current, or future, client’s needs. 

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